FEMSAN Elektrik Motorları A.Ş. is the general name of a family of domestic solutions developed by FEMSAN Elektrik Motorları A.Ş. to meet Turkey’s needs in the fields of electric driving and electric propulsion, and is a registered trademark of Femsan.

The know-how gained with more than 35 years of experience in the field of Electric Motors has been transformed into concrete solutions for Electrification applications, which seem inevitable to have an important place in the future of our country, and these outputs have proven themselves in many E-Mobility applications.


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Military Vehicles
Military vehicles are high-performance and safe vehicles specifically designed for military operations and defense. They fall into several categories, such as tanks, armored personnel carriers and artillery systems. These vehicles play an important role in enhancing the operational capability of military forces in the field and ensuring the safety of personnel.
Heavy Commercial Vehicles
Heavy commercial vehicles are of great importance in the transportation sector. They are characterized by high payload capacity and durability and are ideal for transporting construction materials, heavy equipment and other large loads. These vehicles are used in the logistics industry to ensure efficient and safe transportation of goods. With advanced technology and sophisticated safety systems, they are the foundation of the commercial vehicle industry.
Electric Unmanned Ground Vehicles
Electric unmanned ground vehicles are modern technological vehicles that play an important role in military, security, reconnaissance and logistics. They stand out with their high maneuverability, silent operation and the advantage of being remotely controlled. These vehicles contribute to the effective and safe fulfillment of missions while ensuring the safety of personnel. Electric unmanned ground vehicles have an important place among the military technologies of the future with their efficiency, environmentally friendly structure and versatile use.
Electric Marine Propulsion Systems
Electric marine propulsion systems offer an environmentally friendly and efficient option by powering marine vessels with electrical energy. With advantages such as quiet operation, low vibration and low maintenance, they play an important role in sustainability and innovation in the maritime industry.
Electric 2 Wheelers
Electric 2-wheelers offer an environmentally friendly and practical transportation option. Ideal for urban mobility, these vehicles stand out with their energy efficiency and zero emission features. They can be easily used in daily life with their compact design and fast charging capability.
Electric Vehicles
Electric vehicles have gained popularity as an environmentally friendly vehicle option. They play an important role in environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, offering advantages such as zero emissions, low operating costs, long range and fast charging. They are considered a promising alternative for future transportation.

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