METAS solutions have matured as a result of eclectic work in the fields of control and power electronics, electromagnetics and structural, and have subsequently established themselves in the broad spectrum of E-Mobility applications.

Electromagnetic Design and Analysis
  • PMSM type Electric Motors
    • Structures with internal rotor
      External rotor structures
    • Surface magnetized structures
      Internal magnetized structures
    • Radial flux structures
      Axial flux structures
Thermal Analysis
  • Cooling system designs
  • Turbulence Modeling
  • Too many Streams
  • Fluid - Structural Interaction
Mechanical Design and Analysis
  • Mechanical Designs
    • Power / Volume optimizations
    • High speed structures
    • Cooling system designs
Structural Analysis
  • Static stress analysis
  • Linear dynamic analysis
  • Non-Linear Analysis
  • Multi-body analysis
Electronic Design
  • Power Electronics
    • IBGT & Mosfet
    • SiC Mosfet
    • GaN Misfot
Control Electronics
  • Embedded system design
  • System modeling and simulation
  • FPGA based controller development
  • SP Based controller development
  • EMI/EMC compliance
  • Mixed Signal Hardware Design